18 January 2012

Bloggers Letters that I Love

Someone on one of my fix lists posted that their kitchen mixer needed help and the list members posted some URLs that might help including service manuals and a place to get parts. I immediately started a file in my computer for household appliance fixes and a page for KitchenAid URLs -- because I have the 5 qt. mixer. Well, following the various links got me to the following blog with a letter to KitchenAid. I just love folks who can write about complaints and still make me laugh. All about getting their point across, possibly asking for assistance, and taking the humorous approach. Below her letter are a couple of photos that link and she has a follow up on repairing her mixer. Check this out:
and now I will try a link -- 

Just in case, it might be found at and her letter is dated February 23, 2009.

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