20 August 2012

Interesting Older Sewing Machine Attachments

A request and photo has come up on the Singer Attachment Yahoo group about some unnamed attachments.  One of the members named the ruffler, two tuckers and a bow corder.  I went through my old manuals to see what was on the attachment instruction pages, and I've added the pertinent pages I found below.  Interesting stuff there.  Picture too small??  You should be able to click on the picture and then click again to enlarge to read the text and see the pictures up close. If that does not enlarge for you, then Right click, choose and click open in new tab, click picture when it shows magnifier with + sign and the picture will enlarge.

First a tucker from the (Jones) Cylinder Shuttle Sewing Machine manual...
Next the cording instructions and picture from the New American Sewing Machine manual.  I added a picture of what the sewing machine looked like.  Nothing like today's machines.

And here are the instructions and picture of the tucker from the New American Sewing Machine manual.

Now the question is: do you have the attachments in a box somewhere? you have the machine they go on???   I'd love to see a picture of the original machine, so direct me to your blog or photo gallery.