17 June 2012

Recycled Denim and Crazy Quilting 

To add to my search and interest in recycled denim, I've been on Pinterest and finding all kinds of wonderful pictures and I've added a link on the right for Magpie's Mumblings recycled denim.  However, I've also discovered that she does crazy quilting and it shows up on denim vests and other things.  She has wonderful examples of normal fabric crazy quilting aside from the denim and I am so envious as now I have to go learn more than my four embroidery stitches to make mine look nicer.  Machine stitching is OK, but the fancy stuff done with hand embroidery is outstanding.  If you click on her pictures they enlarge and you can see the detail.  She has tags listed on the left of her blog so you can find the CQ stuff.  Wonderful.

10 June 2012

 Chicken Scratch

Got some links to try for Chicken Scratch stitches and a tutorial or two.
Also, Pinterest has some interesting pictures when you use the search box.
at the left column of Mike's blog is a tutorial of the bookmark from the first link above that might be better to understand.  this is more about stitches