03 February 2012

Australian Blog Review of the Singer 160

Check out the blog links at the right side (Blogs That I Like) and see the review by Textile Diva on the new Singer Anniversary 160 sewing machine.  I watched the hype and sell on HSN which was fun as I had not seen a selling show since our cable company decided to take it off my basic cable programming. 

The machine is not a quilting machine, no needle up/down function, no auto thread cutting function, no walking foot and apparently one of the ladies on one of my Singer lists says it is just like an Athena model, the new white plastic one.  I checked out the manual from Singer and read up on the stitches.  It has 6 less stitches than the Athena which has 30 stitches.  It does have a blanket stitch and a stitch that looks like hand stitching.  Interesting read.

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