08 January 2012

Featherweight Table Refinishing Blog Found

Just goes to show that if you look hard enough or read through the email groups messages long enough you can find most anything -- and in this instance about Featherweight table refinishing. I've linked the blog from MalePatternBoldness (see Sewing Machine blog list way below on right). Peter Lappin shows the one he refinished and one from a guy who sent him pics. Both are nicely done. Theirs have what looks like wood edges and mine has metal.

After reading on Peter's blog and on one of the the Singer groups at Yahoo I see I have to get the proper sandpaper grit. The stuff I bought is too coarse for the final in-between coats sanding that seems to be necessary. Good thing I waited and did not just jump right in. I did buy black spray paint for the metal legs, but since closer inspection shows that it really looks like very dark brown I'm sure I'll go with as close to original as possible. Back to the paint store. Since I bought a clear acrylic spray and not polyurethane, I think I will get the poly -- after I find out which is a harder finish.

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