20 December 2012

New-To-Me Author -- Just Found Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Anyone who knows me knows that I read to the detriment of anything else going on around me -- I guess totally absorbed would be the term.  I mean I can't even count the number of pans of boiled potatoes I had to dump and re-do before my mom found out -- from the time I was 10 through college -- all because I was reading while cooking. (Mom started me cooking early -- she'd call from work and tell me how to get something started and within a year I was on my own, burnt potatoes and all.)  BTW, if I remember, I'll give you the handy hint for getting the burnt stuff out of the bottom of the pan.  So, if I had a moment, my nose was in a book. To this day, I still have problems with regard to time and how much to allow for in order to get ready to go somewhere or get something prepared.

Present Day:  So I've progressed from holding and reading books to reading on a Kindle or on the app on my smart phone or on the computer. Love the apps. Love my computer Kindle app. So handy, purchase at Amazon and then read a moment later. One click is too handy, waaaayyyy too handy, but so available when you need a reading fix. Genre at the moment is Romance whether Western historical, Western present day, Historical, SciFi or my new interest, Paranormal.  Yes, werewolves, shape shifters, demigods and witches. I like the wereanimal ones the best, but I found a new series I just love, the sassy dialog has me in stitches. Yes, there is sex in the books, gotta be prepared for a quivering something or other and mentions of manly thighs, abs and pecs. 

So this week, Dec. 18, Katie Lane's new book in her series got here  (Trouble in Texas) and was read.  Then a book by Edie Claire, called Long Time Coming, was in my to-be-read 'stack' and got read.  I thought it was very good.  Then The Courtship by Grace Burrowes. I liked it. Then To Wed a Rake by Eloisa James. I looked through the others in my TBR list and decided to look at Amazon and thought I was going to find a Kat Martin or Linda Lael Miller I had not read yet or even a Lori Foster or one from Maya Banks.

Instead, I found Sun God Seeks...Surrogate? (book 2) because the title sounded interesting by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Finished it and immediately bought Accidentally Married to....A Vampire? (book 3) and read it the same day, yesterday. Immediately bought the first one which is Accidentally In Love With....A God? and am into it only a quarter of the way through and had to pin it and then write this blog. Had to.  Love these books, and can hardly wait for her novella 3.5, Accidentally....Evil, due in -- arrgghhh -- April 2013.  Her Facebook page note says she's working on book #4 but not fast enough for me. 

OK, that's all folks, back to my reading.

BTW, handy hint for getting burnt stuff off the bottom of the pan is to put water in to cover and a bit more, like maybe half a pan full of water, and then add a half to one teaspoon of Cream of Tartar, bring slowly to a boil, and if you can wait that long, let cool and you should be able to get a lot of it off without too much muscle power. Steel wool pads like SOS are very helpful on stainless steel and aluminum pans. Use the 3M green scratchy pads for ceramic, Corelle, glass or cast iron pans.

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff - Author -- Accidentally Yours Series

Update 7 p.m. on 12/20/2012 -- oh wow, look how the date comes out... I digress....
Finished the third book, Accidentally in Love With.....A God? a few minutes ago and I want to say to Mimi Jean and Michele and Latoya, if you are reading this: I Hate Cliff Hanger Endings without a follow up story or book that I can get at fairly quickly.  There is Nothing till April!!!!! Nothing???? ----- Katie Lane left me in the lurch too, I'm waiting for her next book in 2013. 

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  1. Thanks for READING THE BOOKS! And so sorry about those cliff hangers! I am working VERY hard to make sure the wait is well worth it! (Switching to a publisher is adding to the timeline.) I see you read the books in reverse. (So you found out in Book 3 what happens next to Grandma and Tommaso at the end of Book 1 ) Just curious...were there any particular parts you found confusing? HUGS...Mimi