12 December 2011

Oh Yes, Sewing Machine Maintenance

I forgot to come back and add more to the tool post.  I added needle holders and some brushes to the tool kit.  I found some more of the chemical cleaners mentioned on the different sewing machine groups at Yahoo.

The machines that I worked on the past month were
(1.)  two Singer 221 Featherweight machines.  One is having problems with the power where the plug is in the machine.  I took the bottom off and really poked around and saw that the fabric covered wires under there are soaked in thick blackish oil crud.  Yuck.  I think that is why the machine went for relatively cheap in comparison to the others on Craigslist where I found it.

Then, (2.) a Kenmore 158.1060 and a 158.1030.  Both are small portables like the Featherweights.   I repaired the inside plug housing on the 1060.  There are some 'ears' that stick out and the screws that hold it in place go through them.  I guess the last person to tighten the screws did a too tight job and both were broken.  I used clear 5-minute plastic epoxy, let it set for 24 hours and then gently put it back together.  The weld did hold. Can I pat myself on the back? 

(3.) Then I tried to see what was wrong with a Singer 1036 electronic machine that has a horrible growl.  The motor makes the noise.  I don't do sewing machine motors -- yet.  That one was a throw away machine, so I just may take the motor apart.  Seems to stitch OK when I tried it.  I got covers off, and then made the mistake of not diagramming and taping the screws to the diagram.  I did top and bottom and one on the throat area and kind of mixed them up.  I finally got them all back in the right places, but I was sweating it for awhile, no kidding.  I hate having pieces left over. BTW, I took pictures of the weld.  May add them later on, we'll see. 

The contact cement I needed was finally found at a small independent hardware store.  I will be working on fixing the fabric of one of the Featherweight cases and the contact cement was recommended.  I've got tooth picks, cotton swabs, and towel remnants all set to work on this.  Later though, no time now.  The quilt must go on.

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