12 December 2011

In the MeanTime...

Things have been busy for me the past month plus.  I bothered to sign up for a quilting class at our local fabric craft store.  Nice teacher, easy going, not picky about my mistakes or slowness.  This close-to-perfection thing about quilting is just another step in the process to keep me from liking piecing.  Have I said yet that I hate piecing?  Never liked it and I still don't.  I am not inspired to be artistic.  I can copy something if I can see and handle an item.  I like clothing, crafting and home deco sewing.  Cutting fabric up into bitty pieces to make a bigger piece, iron the seams down after sewing and hoping I got it correct drives me nuts!  Did I mention that I hate ironing!  I hate ironing. 

I'm taking the class to learn about it.  I'm only part way done, as sashing needs to be done next and then borders and then binding.  If I don't have it finished before her next quilt class, the teacher will allow me to attend and pay individually for each meeting I go to for her help.  A simple four-patch is all I'm doing.  However, it is going to be larger than a twin size, and I can use the extra squares (yes, there will be extra squares -- 12 fat quarters to make 5 1/2 inch squares makes for lots of combinations)  to make a bolster or pillow cover or something.  I think the teacher felt bad for me and had me doing a random pick to make the squares, but I'm trying to coordinate the different fabrics to make them look nicer. I still have to find a backing fabric and am thinking along the lines of flannel as it is so cold for me lately.  It is raining now. 

I think my next quilt will be done with a serger.

I may keep this blog posted about my quilt making, but then maybe not.

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  1. Hi,

    I do not hate ironing but I feel the same way you do about quilting so I know I will never take it up.