04 October 2011

Fixing My Featherweight's Case -- Gathering Supplies

If All Goes Well (Murphy may be lurking and we all know about Murphy's Laws, don't we?), I will start fixing the featherweight case this week.  First to get pictures to show what needs fixing.  I will do that later for show and tell on the next installment.  Need to get the camera set up, but first I have to find it, lol.   

Right now I'll explain the tools I'm gathering.  This case is not terribly damaged, just some of the covering and lining is coming unglued and it needs a scrub. 

For cleaning the case's outside covering,  a soft rag with some water and Dawn dishwashing detergent.  My kidlette's ex-boyfriend used Dawn to clean engine grease off his hands -- worked great.   I've got a bag of well used, recycled t-shirts, previously cut up and saved -- now called soft rags.

Dirty scuffs can be gently cleaned with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge, going over it very gently as it can scratch smooth surfaces.  I don't think it will hurt the covering in this case, but I plan to be careful.  I've used this sponge successfully on a hard plastic sewing machine case where water and soap was not enough.  I had asked my OSMG* what he used to clean sm cases and he said they would not clean and to let it go.  I used the Magic Eraser on half the case and took it in to show him.  He did not believe I had cleaned it with that.

Next I need contact cement to re-glue the loose flaps and maybe some of the interior lining at the edges.  I thought finding this would be easy, but it's not.  I've looked and asked at the major garden and paint stores, Wallyworld, the hardware aisles at my local markets, and at two auto parts stores -- nada. My next stop is a little family run hardware store. The owner can order some if it is not on the shelf.

More on this later, as soon as I get that contact cement.

As a side note, I will finish the FW fabric tote I started and had to abandon while my kidlette was visiting for a month.  It is a tote that you put your machine in and then use the tote to lower it into the case.  Keeps the machine paint from getting scratched and the bonus is that if you turn it over, it becomes a cover while the machine is sitting out to keep out dust.  The tote info is here Featherweight Tote by Craftyhipster so scroll down to see that blog and her link to the instructions.  She has a white FW and the case does not have a tool tray so I have to adapt her pattern by an inch or less to fit in my cases which do have the little tray.

Historical note:  did you know that there are as many as five (5) different case sizes for FWs??? 
*OSMG - old sewing machine guy/gal (except not necessarily old)
FW - featherweight
SM - sewing machine

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