26 July 2011

Boy oh Boy -- I Really Love the Voice

Hmmm, how it all started...DH watching Idol, and a deep voice singing a country song, Your Man and he (Scotty McCreery) said it was by Josh Turner.  Well, I've got a country station on the car radio and had heard it, but did not pay attention to who sang it.  Love YouTube for listening to oldies or finding songs or singers.  I found and watched more than several of Josh Turner's videos, read comments, watched behind-the-scenes videos.

I found several other singers to listen to, Toby Keith has become a favorite mainly due to his very funny videos, A Little Too Late and As Good As I Once Was  are two favorites along with Who's Your Daddy -- I love the yellow Ford.    Toby telling the story behind  I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again (by TrueCountryTV) is a hoot.  The song is good too along with Beer for My Horses sung with Willie Nelson.  Carrie Underwood singing Cowboy Casanova and Before He Cheats are good, actually I found most of her stuff very good. 

THE VOICE:  Picked out other singers to listen to from the choices on the right hand side and found Chris Young.  Oh My!  Close your eyes and just listen.  The one I accidentally found was Because of You when he was 18 and I almost did not believe it was him -- he's 26 or 27 now.  He had the voice back even then.   Good songs are The Man I Want To Be; Tomorrow; Voices.  Gettin' You Home  is also known as the little black dress song -- and you can just hear the mischievous fun in his voice in this one.  The video is cute also. 
Just open another tab while on the computer and select a playlist and just listen.  Hooooweeee!  Love that Voice and he's not bad looking either.  I just heard him on our country radio station  being a co-host when I drove to pick up that sewing table.  He's touring with Jason Aldean this summer and has a new cd album out titled Neon.  Love the slower ballad type songs he sings.

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